Patent Number: 6,309,849

Title: Nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase and phosphatase homologues anduses therefor

Abstract: The invention provides isolated nucleic acids molecules, designated Kinaseand Phosphatase nucleic acid molecules, which encode novel protein kinaseand protein phosphatase polypeptides. The invention also providesantisense nucleic acid molecules, recombinant expression vectorscontaining Kinase and Phosphatase nucleic acid molecules, host cells intowhich the expression vectors have been introduced, and nonhuman transgenicanimals in which a Kinase and Phosphatase gene has been introduced ordisrupted. The invention still further provides isolated Kinase andPhosphatase proteins, fusion proteins, antigenic peptides and anti-Kinaseand Phosphatase antibodies. Diagnostic, screening, and therapeutic methodsutilizing compositions of the invention are also provided.

Inventors: Robison; Keith E. (Wilmington, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013