Patent Number: 6,309,856

Title: Human MAD proteins and uses thereof

Abstract: Human MADr3 or MADr4 polypeptides and DNA (RNA) encoding such MADr3 orMADr4 and a procedure for producing such polypeptides by recombinanttechniques is disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for utilizing suchMADr3 or MADr4, or compounds which inhibit or stimulate MADr3 or MADr4 forstimulating wound healing, and treating cancers, among others, are alsodisclosed. Agonist and antagonists of these MAD proteins and methods oftheir use are also disclosed. Also disclosed are diagnostic assays fordetecting diseases related to mutations in the nucleic acid sequences andaltered concentrations of the polypeptides. Also disclosed are diagnosticassays for detecting mutations in the polynucleotides encoding the MADr3or MADr4 and for detecting altered levels of the polypeptide in a host.

Inventors: Laping; Nicholas J. (West Chester, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013