Patent Number: 6,309,902

Title: Method for coating semiconductor element with resin, coating resin, andliquid crystal display device

Abstract: It is an object of this invention to provide a method for simply andquickly covering a semiconductor device with a coating resin. In themethod for covering a semiconductor device 2 used for a liquid crystalpanel 1 with a coating resin, a coating resin 14 being formed as a layer,the coating resin 14 is placed around the semiconductor device 2, and thesemiconductor device 2 and its surroundings are covered with the coatingresin 14 by curing the coating resin 14 so as to be protected frommoisture. The coating resin 14 may be a coating resin which is curablethrough a chemical reaction by heating or an ultraviolet curing type resinor the like. If the coating resin 14 has a through-hole 16 or concavity soas to receive the semiconductor device 2, the position of the coatingresin 14 to the semiconductor device 2 can always be set at a fixedposition.

Inventors: Muramatsu; Eiji (Nagano, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013