Patent Number: 6,309,913

Title: Technique for attaching die to leads

Abstract: A semiconductor die assembly comprising a semiconductor die with bond pads,a plurality of leads which extends across the semiconductor die andterminates over its respective bond pads, and an alpha barrier preferablypositioned between the leads and the semiconductor die. Electricalconnection is made between the leads and their respective bond pads by astrip of anisotropically conductive elastomeric material, preferably amulti-layer laminate consisting of alternating parallel sheets of aconductive foil and an insulating elastomer wherein the laminate layersare oriented perpendicular to both the bond pad and the lead, positionedbetween the leads and the bond pads. A burn-in die according to thepresent invention is also disclosed.

Inventors: Stroupe; Hugh E. (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013