Patent Number: 6,309,939

Title: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device

Abstract: This invention discloses a method of manufacturing a semiconductor devicewhich comprises the steps of: forming gate electrodes on a semiconductorsubstrate having a cell region and a peripheral region; forming spacers atboth side walls of the gate electrodes; implanting impurity into thesemiconductor substrate of the peripheral region; forming a growthsuppression layer on gate electrodes and surface of the semiconductorsubstrate in the peripheral region; forming doped epitaxial layers overpredetermined portions of the semiconductor substrate in the cell regionso that the impurity implanted into the semiconductor substrate in theperipheral region is diffused in the semiconductor substrate to formjunction regions and impurity existing in the doped epitaxial layers ofthe cell region is diffused into the semiconductor substrate; and removingthe growth suppression layer.

Inventors: Lee; Jung Ho (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013