Patent Number: 6,309,973

Title: Semiconductor processing methods of forming a conductive projection andmethods of increasing alignment tolerances

Abstract: Semiconductor processing methods of forming conductive projections andmethods of increasing alignment tolerances are described. In oneimplementation, a conductive projection is formed over a substrate surfacearea and includes an upper surface and a side surface joined therewith todefine a corner region. The corner region of the conductive projection issubsequently beveled to increase an alignment tolerance relative thereto.In another implementation, a conductive plug is formed over a substratenode location between a pair of conductive lines and has an uppermostsurface. Material of the conductive plug is unevenly removed to define asecond uppermost surface, at least a, portion of which is disposedelevationally higher than a conductive line. In one aspect, conductiveplug material can be removed by facet etching the conductive plug. Inanother aspect, conductive plug material is unevenly doped with dopant,and conductive plug material containing greater concentrations of dopantis etched at a greater rate than plug material containing lowerconcentrations of dopant.

Inventors: Fischer; Mark (Boise, ID), Zahurak; John K. (Boise, ID), Graettinger; Thomas M. (Boise, ID), Parekh; Kunal (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013