Patent Number: 6,309,995

Title: Magnesium zinc titanate powder with a barium boron lithium silicate flux and a multilayer ceramic COG capacitor made therefrom

Abstract: In a start powder mixture of magnesium zinc titanate and a barium lithium boro-silicate flux, it is discovered that the addition of lithium to the flux enables the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors using the powder mixture, that perform to the COG standard including an accelerated life test. This addition of lithium also makes possible the sintering to maturity of COG multilayer capacitors at temperatures as low as C., which in turn allows the use of silver-palladium alloy buried electrodes of high silver and low palladium content which in turn lead to higher capacitor Q and lower manufacturing costs.

Inventors: Maher; Galeb H. (Williamstown, MA), Maher; Samir G. (Williamstown, MA)

Assignee: MRA Laboratories, Inc.

International Classification: H01G 4/12 (20060101); C04B 035/468 (); C04B 035/465 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018