Patent Number: 6,310,011

Title: Overbased metal salts useful as additives for fuels and lubricants

Abstract: Lubricants containing metal salts of hydrocarbyl-substitutedcarboxyalkylene-linked phenols, dihydrocarbyl esters of alkylenedicarboxylic acids, the alkylene group being substituted with a hydroxygroup and an additional carboxylic acid group, or alkylene-linkedpolyaromatic molecules, the aromatic moieties whereof comprise at leastone hydrocarbyl-substituted phenol and at least one carboxy phenol, wherethe hydrocarbyl groups are of sufficient length to provide oil solubilityto the salt, exhibit good asphaltene suspension for marine dieselapplications. Preferably the salts are overbased.

Inventors: Karn; Jack L. (Richmond Heights, OH), Kocsis; Jody A. (Chagrin Falls, OH), King; Laurence E. (Painesville, OH), Adams; Paul E. (Willoughby Hills, OH), Notaro; Vincent A. (Willoughby, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013