Patent Number: 6,310,020

Title: Stripping composition for resist

Abstract: A stripping composition for a resist comprising a polycarboxylic acidand/or a salt thereof, and water, wherein a pH of the strippingcomposition is less than 8; and a stripping composition for a resistcomprising 0.01 to 90% by weight of an organic acid and/or a salt thereof,2 to 74% by weight of water, and 0.5 to 90% by weight of an organicsolvent, wherein a pH of the stripping composition is less than 8; and amethod of stripping a resist from a substrate, comprising applying one ofthe stripping composition to the substrate.

Inventors: Shirota; Mami (Wakayama, JP), Kitazawa; Kozo (Wakayama, JP), Kashihara; Eiji (Wakayama, JP), Nagoshi; Eiji (Wakayama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013