Patent Number: 6,310,096

Title: Cyclohexadiene-derivatives as pesticides

Abstract: Certain cyclohexadiene derivatives are useful as pesticides. The derivatives are of the formula: ##STR1## wherein X is N; Y is O; S, S.dbd.O or NR.sub.5 ; Z is OR.sub.2, SR.sub.2, N(R.sub.3)R.sub.4 ; V is a direct bond or a 1 to 4 membered, saturated or unsaturated carbon chain which is unsubstituted or substituted by C.sub.1 -C.sub.3 alkyl, halogen, hydroxy, C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 alkoxy, halo-C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 alkoxy or oxo; W is hydrogen or C.sub.1 -C.sub.6 alkyl or a group of the formula: ##STR2## wherein n is an integer of from 0 to 5 and each D is identical or different and represents a moiety selected from the group consisting of halogen, cyano, nitro, C.sub.1 to C.sub.12 alkyl, halo-C.sub.1 to C.sub.12 alkyl, C.sub.2 to C.sub.12 alkenyl, halo-C.sub.2 to C.sub.12 alkenyl, C.sub.2 to C.sub.12 alkynyl, halo-C.sub.2 to C.sub.12 alkynyl, C.sub.3 to C.sub.6 cycloalkyl, halo-C.sub.3 to C.sub.6 cycloalkyl, C.sub.3 to C.sub.6 cycloalkylmethyl, halo-C.sub.3 to C.sub.6 cycoloalkylmethyl, etc.

Inventors: Szczepanski; Henry (Wallbach, CH)

Assignee: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft

International Classification: A01N 37/44 (20060101); A01N 37/50 (20060101); C07C 69/738 (20060101); C07C 251/40 (20060101); C07C 251/42 (20060101); C07C 69/734 (20060101); C07C 69/00 (20060101); C07C 251/00 (20060101); C07F 7/00 (20060101); C07D 213/00 (20060101); C07F 7/08 (20060101); C07D 213/643 (20060101); A01N 037/12 (); C07C 229/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018