Patent Number: 6,310,102

Title: Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use

Abstract: Pharmaceutical compositions aryl substituted amine compounds, and in particular, 3-aminophenyl amine compounds are provided. Representative compounds are (E)-4-(3-aminophenyl)-3-buten-1-amine, (E)-N-methyl-4-(3-aminophenyl)-3-buten-1-amine and (E)-N-methyl-5-(3-aminophenyl)-4-penten-2-amine.

Inventors: Dull; Gary Maurice (Lewisville, NC), Wagner; Jared Miller (Durham, NC), Caldwell; William Scott (Winston-Salem, NC), Miller; Craig Harrison (Winston-Salem, NC), Schmitt; Jeffrey Daniel (Winston-Salem, NC), Bhatti; Balwinder Singh (Winston-Salem, NC), Hadimani; Srishailkumar Basawannappa (Winston-Salem, NC)

Assignee: Targacept, Inc.

International Classification: C07C 211/00 (20060101); C07C 211/49 (20060101); A01N 033/02 (); C07C 211/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018