Patent Number: 6,310,108

Title: Process for synthesis at atmospheric distillate that comprises the use ofFischer-Tropsch technology

Abstract: Production of atmospheric distillate from a hydrocarbon feedstock thatcomprises a stage for the formation of a gas mixture that containshydrogen and carbon monoxide, an at least partial conversion stage of thegas mixture that is obtained so as to obtain a liquid effluent thatcontains hydrocarbons and a gas effluent that contains carbon dioxide, astage for treating the gas effluent under conditions that make it possibleto eliminate the carbon dioxide at least partly, a first stage offractionation of the liquid fraction, an isomerizing hydrocracking stagein the presence of hydrogen and a second fractionation stage.

Inventors: Bonneau; Reynald (Villeurbanne, FR), Clerici; Mario-Gabriele (Milan, IT), Viltard; Jean-Charles (Vienne, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013