Patent Number: 6,310,122

Title: Stable bitumen polymer compositions

Abstract: The present invention provides a method for preparing an asphalt andthermoplastic elastomer composition. The process comprises heating anasphalt cut in a stirred tank to a temperature sufficient to allow thestirring of the asphalt in the tank. A thermoplastic elastomer or rubberis added to the asphalt while continuing to stir the asphalt. The mixtureis stirred at a speed and for a period of time sufficient to increase thedistribution of the elastomer into the asphalt. The stirring speed isreduced and the temperature is increased to add an oil dispersion oraqueous emulsion of crosslinking agents to the tank. Stirring is continuedfor a period of time sufficient to improve the distribution of thecrosslinking agent dispersion in the asphalt.

Inventors: Butler; James R. (Houston, TX), Kelly; Kevin P. (Friendswood, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013