Patent Number: 6,310,127

Title: Coating compositions containing ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers withpolyamide grafts as rheology modifiers

Abstract: An improved coating composition having one or more polymeric bindersdispersed in a liquid medium, wherein the improvement comprises ananti-sag and anti-settling effective amount of a copolymer comprising apolymeric backbone comprising recurring monomeric units derived frommonomers selected from the group consisting of one or more .alpha.-olefinsand one or more unsaturated carboxylic acids, said backbone having graftedthereto, by a covalent amide linkage, one or more polymeric graftscomprising at least one recurring monomeric unit selected from the groupconsisting of: --NHC(O)RC(O)NHR.sub.1 and --NH--R--C(O)-- or a combinationthereof, wherein R is an alkylene group of at least about 2 carbon atoms,and R.sub.1 is R or aryl.

Inventors: Jablon; Michael (Elizabeth, NJ)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013