Patent Number: 6,310,131

Title: Reconfigurable tooling and method of manufacture

Abstract: According to the present invention there are provided compositions andtooling useful in the fabrication of composite structures and preparedfrom compositions that are mixtures of elastomeric and ceramic materialsthat can be tailored to obtain desired mechanical properties or thermalexpansion coefficients. The compositions and tooling prepared therefromare inexpensive and easy to fabricate and reconfigure. Such compositionsgenerally comprise blends of clays that harden at elevated temperatures,clays that soften at elevated temperatures and uncured silicone rubbersthat exhibit high temperature stability. Compositions comprising fromabout 5% to about 60% by weight of uncured silicone rubber, from about 20%to about 80% by weight of a clay that hardens at elevated temperature andfrom about 5% to about 50% by weight of clays that soften at elevatedtemperatures are specifically preferred. Inert filers that do notadversely affect the mechanical or thermal expansion coefficients of theinventive compositions such as mica, calcium carbonate etc. may also beincluded.

Inventors: Tan; Seng C. (Beavercreek, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013