Patent Number: 6,310,140

Title: Thermoplastic elastomers of good dyeability and high strength andelasticity as well as impact-resistant polymer blends produced therefrom

Abstract: Thermoplastic elastomers of good dyeability and high strength andelasticity, the incorporated elastomeric particles of which have andaverage particle diameter of 0.05 to 5 .mu.m. The thermoplastic elastomersare formed according to a method in which mixtures of propylenehomopolymers and/or propylene copolymers, elastomeric C.sub.4 C.sub.12olefin copolymers and/or terpolymers and C.sub.8 to C.sub.14 diacrylates,C.sub.7 to C.sub.16 diallyl compounds, C.sub.9 to C.sub.15dimethacrylates, C.sub.7 to C.sub.10 divinyl compounds, C.sub.12 toC.sub.17 acrylate esters of polyalcohols, C.sub.15 to C.sub.21methacrylate esters of polyalcohols and/or C.sub.9 C.sub.12 triallylcompounds are added to a melt. The thermoplastic elastomers, as well asmixtures of the thermoplastic elastomers with conventional polyolefins,are suitable for use in the vehicle industry, in the domestic appliancesindustry, in the construction industry and in medical technology.

Inventors: Raetzsch; Manfred (Kirchschlag, AT), Reichelt; Norbert (Neuhofen, AT), Hesse; Achim (Linz, AT), Bucka; Hartmut (Eggendorf, AT), Stolp; Matthias (Merseburg, DE), Radusch; Hans-Joachim (Weissenfels, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013