Patent Number: 6,310,162

Title: Ophthalmic lenses

Abstract: The invention relates to an ophthalmic lens comprising the cured product ofa composition comprising:60-99 wt % of a poly(allyl carbonate) of a polyhydroxy alcohol, saidpolyhydroxy alcohol having from 2 to 20 carbon atoms and from 2 to 6hydroxy groups in the molecule;0.01-10 wt % of at least one radical initiator;0-20 wt % of comonomers; anda cyclohexyl diallyl ester oligomer in an amount of 0.05 to 60 wt %, havingthe formula I##STR1##wherein X denotes a divalent hydrocarbon residue derived from a diol having2-20 carbon atoms, optionally partly replaced by a residue derived from apolyol having 3 or more carbon atoms and 3-10 hydroxy groups, and n=1-100.

Inventors: Bos; Willem (Arnhem, NL), Breeveld; Ricardo Henry (Doesburg, NL), Van Der Zanden; Marjan Elisabeth (Deventer, NL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013