Patent Number: 6,310,163

Title: .alpha.-olefins and olefin polymers and processes therefor

Abstract: Disclosed herein are processes for polymerizing ethylene, acyclic olefins,and/or selected cyclic olefins, and optionally selected olefinic esters orcarboxylic acids, and other monomers. The polymerizations are catalyzed byselected transition metal compounds, and sometimes other co-catalysts.Since some of the polymerizations exhibit some characteristics of livingpolymerizations, block copolymers can be readily made. Many of thepolymers produced are often novel, particularly in regard to theirmicrostructure which gives some of them unusual properties. Numerous novelcatalysts are disclosed, as well as some novel processes for making them.The polymers made are useful as elastomers, molding resins, in adhesives,etc. Also described herein is the synthesis of linear .alpha.-olefins bythe oligomerization of ethylene using as a catalyst system a combination anickel compound having a selected .alpha.-diimine ligand and a selectedLewis or Bronsted acid, or by contacting selected .alpha.-diimine nickelcomplexes with ethylene.

Inventors: Brookhart; Maurice S. (Chapel Hill, NC), Johnson; Lynda Kaye (Wilmington, DE), Killian; Christopher Moore (Chapel Hill, NC), Arthur; Samuel David (Wilmington, DE), Feldman; Jerald (Hockessin, DE), McCord; Elizabeth Forrester (Hockessin, DE), McLain; Stephan James (Wilmington, DE), Kreutzer; Kristina Ann (Wilmington, DE), Bennett; Alison Margaret Anne (Wilmington, DE), Coughlin; Edward Bryan (Wilmington, DE), Ittel; Steven Dale (Wilmington, DE), Parthasarathy; Anju (Glenmoore, PA), Tempel; Daniel Joseph (Carrboro, NC)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013