Patent Number: 6,310,172

Title: Water-dispersible polyisocyanate preparations for producing repulpable paper

Abstract: This invention relates to water-dispersible polyisocyanates obtained by reacting a) at least one bishydroxy-functional compound of the formula (I) wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, and n are defined herein, with b) at least one polyisocyanate of the formula (II) wherein Q and q are defined herein, and subsequently, in any order, with c) at least one monofunctional polyether alcohol of the formula (III) wherein R.sub.4, R.sub.5, and m are defined herein, and optionally with d) at least one compound of the formula (IV) wherein R.sup.5, R.sup.6, R.sup.7, R.sup.8, O, and X.sup.- are defined herein.

Inventors: Jansen; Bernhard (Koln, DE), Thiele; Bernd (Odenthal, DE), Roick; Thomas (Leverkusen, DE)

Assignee: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft

International Classification: C08G 18/32 (20060101); C08G 18/28 (20060101); C08G 18/00 (20060101); C08G 18/70 (20060101); C08G 18/78 (20060101); D21H 17/00 (20060101); D21H 17/57 (20060101); D21H 21/20 (20060101); D21H 21/18 (20060101); D21H 21/14 (20060101); C08G 018/56 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018