Patent Number: 6,310,190

Title: USPA1 and USPA2 antigens of Moraxella catarrhalis

Abstract: The present invention discloses the existence of two novel proteins UspA1and UspA2, and their respective genes uspA1 and uspA2. Each proteinencompasses a region that is conserved between the two proteins andcomprises an epitope that is recognized by the MAb 17C7. One or more thanone of these species may aggregate to form the very high molecular weightform (i.e. greater than 200 kDa) of the UspA antigen. Compositions andboth diagnostic and therapeutic methods for the treatment and study of M.catarrhalis are disclosed.

Inventors: Hansen; Eric J. (Plano, TX), Aebi; Christoph (Gasel, CH), Cope; Leslie D. (Mesquite, TX), Maciver; Isobel (Cottage Grove, WI), Fiske; Michael J. (Rochester, NY), Fredenburg; Ross A. (Rochester, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013