Patent Number: 6,310,196

Title: DNA construct for immunization or gene therapy

Abstract: The present invention is directed to a DNA construct which is useful forimmunization or gene therapy. The construct of the invention comprisesmuscle specific regulatory elements, such as a promoter or a promoter andone or more enhancer elements, and a DNA sequence under control of themuscle specific regulatory elements. Several DNA sequences may beincorporated into the DNA construct. In one embodiment, the DNA sequencecodes for an antigen, antigenic determinant or an epitope of an antigen.In a second embodiment, the DNA sequence is a normal muscle gene which iseffected in a muscle disease. In a third embodiment, the DNA sequence isan antisense for blocking an abnormal muscle gene. In a fourth embodiment,the DNA sequence codes for a protein which circulates in the mammalianblood or lymphatic systems. The present invention is useful forameliorating the effects of diseases of muscle by expression of the normalgene or blocking abnormal gene expression within muscle cells, for theheterologous expression of a transgene which codes for a circulatingprotein or a protein which modifies a disease state in which muscle is notprimarily involved and for vaccine development.

Inventors: Ricigliano; Joseph W. (Salt Lake City, UT), Araneo; Barbara A. (Salt Lake City, UT)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013