Patent Number: 6,310,210

Title: Camptothecin derivatives

Abstract: The present invention relates to new camptothecin derivatives shown by the below formula, which are water-soluble and excellent in an anti-tumor activity, and to salts thereof. ##STR1## In the formula, R.sup.1 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group with 1-6 carbon atoms, R.sup.2 represents identically or differently 0-4 alkyl groups with 1-6 carbon atoms, a halogen atom, an alkoxyl or hydroxyl group, R.sup.3 represents a lower alkylamino, di-lower alkylamino, arylamino, cyclicamino or lower alkoxyl group, and salts thereof.

Inventors: Ogawa; Takanori (Tokyo, JP), Yaegashi; Takashi (Tokyo, JP), Sawada; Seigo (Tokyo, JP), Furuta; Tomio (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Kabushiki Kaisha Yakult Honsha

International Classification: C07D 471/00 (20060101); C07D 471/14 (20060101); C07D 471/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018