Patent Number: 6,310,214

Title: Process for the preparation of chloropyridine sulphonic acid chlorides

Abstract: A process is disclosed for preparing chlorinated pyridinesulphonic acidchlorides of the general formula I##STR1##from hydroxypyridine-sulphonic acids of the general formula II##STR2##The process generally entails a) passing chlorine gas into a mixture of ahydroxypyridine-sulphonic acid and of phosphorus trichloride; b) heatingthe mixture of a) to temperatures of about 100 to about C.; c)removing any phosphorus oxychloride formed and any excess phosphorustrichloride by distillation; d) taking up the residue with an organicsolvent; and e) distilling the liquid phase in a vacuum, thereby obtainingthe chlorinated pyridine-sulphonic acid chloride.

Inventors: Biedenbach; Bruno (Worms, DE), Michel; Hans-Peter (Buerstadt, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013