Patent Number: 6,310,244

Title: Photocleavable and acid cleavable linkers for combinatorial chemistry

Abstract: A substrate for solid phase synthesis comprising a solid phase-linkercombination of the formula I is disclosed. Also disclosed are processesfor preparing the substrate and chemical intermediates useful therein.Among the novel intermediates are compounds of the formula II whereinR.sup.1 is --NO.sub.2 or --CHO; R.sup.2 is --OCH.sub.3, --CHO or --H;R.sup.3 is chosen from the group consisting of hydroxyl, the residue of asolid support having a plurality of amino groups, and the residue of anester, and n=1 or 3.##STR1##A substrate of solid phase synthesis of the formula III is also disclosed.##STR2##

Inventors: Tran; Vinh D. (East Windsor, NJ), Ma; Vu Van (Plainsboro, NJ), Liu; Ruiyan (North Brunswick, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013