Patent Number: 6,310,287

Title: Electrical block

Abstract: An electrical block trim assembly that has a mount, a decorative ring, and a separate electrical box is provided. The mount has a base adapted to be secured to an exterior surface of a structure. The mount also has a housing extending from the base with a top portion that has an opening. Exterior covering, or siding, is attached to the exterior surface to surround a portion of the mount. A decorative ring is secured to the mount over the siding to conceal the edges of the siding that are adjacent to the mount. The decorative ring has an inner perimeter that is adjacent to the housing. An electrical box having walls with an upper portion is securely received and retained within the opening. The electrical box is interposed between the exterior surface and the top portion. The electrical box may be constructed of a different material than the mount and decorative ring.

Inventors: Schiedegger; Charles E. (Metamora, MI), Nurenberg; Aundrea (Brown City, MI), Allen; Clyde D. (North Branch, MI), Clark; Michael C. (Columbiaville, MI), Logan; J. Richard (Oxford, MI)

Assignee: Tapco International Corporation

International Classification: H02G 3/12 (20060101); H01J 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018