Patent Number: 6,310,288

Title: Underfill coating for loc package

Abstract: An LOC die assembly is disclosed including a die dielectrically adhered tothe underside of a lead frame. An underfill material is introduced betweeneach lead finger and semiconductor die, extending from the bondinglocation of the die and the edge of the die, in order to prevent fillerparticles from lodging between the leads and the active surface of the dieduring transfer molding of a plastic encapsulant. The seal created by theunderfill material reduces point stresses on the active surface of the dieusually caused by the filler particles. The decreased flexure in the leadsfurther enhances the locking of the leads in position with respect to thedie.

Inventors: Moden; Walter L. (Meridian, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013