Patent Number: 6,310,289

Title: Cable fastening device

Abstract: A cable fastening device is provided having a sector-shaped housingincluding detachable lower and upper housings having a hollow arcuateraised member at a corner with a longitudinal central hole formed in thearcuate raised member, an internal arcuate grooved rail adjacent to thehole, first teeth adjacent to the grooved rail, an internal circuit board;and a hollow positioning means having a top side, two sides, and a bottomside including a pair of first posts raised from predetermined positionsof the top and bottom sides respectively. A pair of arcuate recesses areprovided on the top and bottom sides respectively, each having secondteeth, and a transverse cable passing hole formed therein. The first postsare inserted into the central holes. The arcuate recesses are slidablyengaged against the grooved rail, and the second teeth are engaged withthe first teeth so as to tooth-by-tooth laterally move a cable along thearcuate recesses in order to adjust cable direction. The device furtherincludes an arcuate recessed portion having an aperture provided on onestraight edge of the housing, a pivotal member having an arcuate raisedside and a planar side, a second post formed on the arcuate raised side,and a spring on the second post. The second post is inserted into theaperture such that the pivotal member may pivot vertically a limited anglewith respect to the attached device.

Inventors: Kuo; Chunn-Cherh (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013