Patent Number: 6,310,295

Title: Low-crosstalk data cable and method of manufacturing

Abstract: A low-crosstalk data cable and method of manufacturing the same, where a low-crosstalk data cable includes a cable housing jacket made of flexible insulating material for housing a multi-channel shielding member and a plurality of conductors. A hollow multi-channel shielding member of the invention is formed during the cable pulling process from a single, flat, thin, self-adapting shielding tape. The multi-channel shielding member separates and prevents crosstalk between adjacent conductors. A grounded low-crosstalk data cable is provided when a current drain wire is positioned down the center of the hollow multi-channel shielding member. Further, the low-crosstalk data cable may have a metallic outer shielding jacket positioned between the cable housing jacket and the combined conductor/multi-channel shielding member core. A second current drain wire may also be provided to enable grounding of the metallic outer shielding jacket.

Inventors: Despard; V. Boyd (Lancaster, PA)

Assignee: Alcatel

International Classification: H01B 11/02 (20060101); H01B 11/08 (20060101); H01B 011/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018