Patent Number: 6,310,314

Title: Procedure for fastening a carbide tooth at a saw blade

Abstract: The description relates to a procedure for fastening a carbide tooth (1) ata saw blade (2), with a carbide tooth (1) fabricated according to the sawtooth geometry being held butt-jointed to the prepared front-side abuttingsurface (3) of the saw blade (2) and then being attached to the saw bladeunder addition of heat along the joint (10) between the saw blade (2) andthe carbide tooth (1). To create favorable process conditions it issuggested that the carbide tooth (1) is welded to the saw blade (2) bymeans a focal spot (9) of a laser beam (7) extending over the whole jointlength.

Inventors: Nobauer; Franz (Mehrnbach, AT), Liedl; Gerhard (Vienna, AT)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013