Patent Number: 6,310,327

Title: Rapid thermal processing apparatus for processing semiconductor wafers

Abstract: A novel rapid thermal process (RTP) reactor processes a multiplicity ofwafers or a single large wafer, e.g., 200 mm (8 inches), 250 mm (10inches), 300 mm (12 inches) diameter wafers, using either a single or dualheat source. The wafers or wafer are mounted on a rotatable susceptorsupported by a susceptor support. A susceptor position control rotates thewafers during processing and raises and lowers the susceptor to variouspositions for loading and processing of wafers. A heat controller controlseither a single heat source or a dual heat source that heats the wafers toa substantially uniform temperature during processing. A gas flowcontroller regulates flow of gases into the reaction chamber. Instead ofthe second heat source, a passive heat distribution is used, in oneembodiment, to achieve a substantially uniform temperature throughout thewafers. Further, a novel susceptor is used that includes a silicon carbidecloth enclosed in quartz.

Inventors: Moore; Gary M. (San Jose, CA), Nishikawa; Katsuhito (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013