Patent Number: 6,310,328

Title: Rapid thermal processing chamber for processing multiple wafers

Abstract: A system for heating a plurality of semiconductor wafers at the same timeincludes a thermal processing chamber containing a substrate holderdesigned to hold from about three to about ten wafers. The thermalprocessing chamber is surrounded by light energy sources which heat thewafers contained in the chamber. The light energy sources can heat thewafers directly or indirectly. In one embodiment, the thermal processingchamber includes a liner made from a heat conductive material. The lightenergy sources are used to heat the liner which, in turn, heats thewafers. In an alternative embodiment, energy dispersing plates are placedin between adjacent wafers. Light energy being emitted by the light energysources enters the energy dispersing members and gets distributed acrossthe surface of adjacent wafers for heating the wafers uniformly.

Inventors: Gat; Arnon (Palo Alto, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013