Patent Number: 6,310,333

Title: Induction heating method for manifold in hot runner mold

Abstract: In an induction heating method for a manifold in a hot runner mold, it ispossible to uniformly heat a material over the entire length of a runner.Also, a coil is easily attached to and detached from the manifold. The hotrunner mold includes a fixed mold and a movable mold, and a space isprovided along a side surface of the manifold on which clamping forceapplied by the fixed mold and the movable mold does not act. A coil iswound to the side surface along an axial line of a runner of the manifoldwithin the space such that the manifold is induction-heated from the sidesurface.

Inventors: Shibata; Itsuo (Hiratsuka, JP), Edagawa; Shinichi (Hiratsuka, JP), Sekiguchi; Ryoichi (Naka-gun, JP), Toki; Hitoshi (Isehara, JP), Munakata; Tamotsu (Fujisawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013