Patent Number: 6,310,335

Title: Translational braking device for a projectile during its trajectory

Abstract: The subject of the invention is a translational braking device for a projectile during its trajectory comprising at least two airbrakes that are radially deployable so as to increase the projectile's aerodynamic drag. Each airbrake is a flap pivoting around a pivot integral with the projectile and parallel to its axis. The device incorporates at least one pyrotechnic piston locking at least one of the flaps in its folded position and at least two flaps are stacked one on top of the other when they are in their folded position, at least a first of the two flaps incorporates a mechanism to retain the second of the two flaps in its folded position.

Inventors: Bonnet; Alain (Bourges, FR), Cros; Anne-Laure (Bourges, FR)

Assignee: Giat Industries

International Classification: F42B 10/50 (20060101); F42B 10/00 (20060101); F41G 007/00 (); F41G 009/00 (); F42B 010/00 (); F42B 015/01 (); F42B 015/10 (); F42B 015/20 (); F42B 015/22 (); F42B 010/14 (); F42B 010/48 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018