Patent Number: 6,310,348

Title: Spectroscopic accessory for examining films and coatings on solid surfaces

Abstract: An accessory for an FTIR spectrometer comprises fiber-optic cablesconnected to a framework within which two mirrors are housed. The mirrors,which are preferably off-axis parabolas, are positionable with respect toeach other and with respect to the ends of the fiber-optic cables. Thebeam from the first cable is reflected by the first mirror onto a samplesurface at or near the grazing angle, after which it is captured by thesecond mirror and focused onto the end of the return cable which transmitsit back to the spectrometer. Very thin films and coatings can bespectroscopically detected and characterized using the accessory.

Inventors: Melling; Peter J. (Sturbridge, MA), Shelley; Paul H. (Lakewood, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013