Patent Number: 6,310,350

Title: Multiplexed microcalorimeter array

Abstract: Multi-element microcalorimeter array. The microcalorimeter array includesat least two microcalorimeter with each microcalorimeter including adetector coupled thermally to a cold bath. Each detector has associatedwith it a thermal sensor to generate a signal proportional to a rise inthe detector's temperature. A single negative voltage feedback JFETpreamplifier circuit is connected to each of the detectors and includes aJFET with a gate, the signals from the thermal sensors connected to thegate. The output of the preamplifier circuit is proportional to radiationenergy absorbed by the detector. Each detector has a different thermalrecovery time so that the detectors can be discriminated. The multiplexingarrangement of the invention makes it possible to reduce the overallnumber of preamplifier and post-processing channels for a largemulti-element array. This reduction in turn significantly lowers the JFETheat load, mass and power requirements for the microcalorimeter array.

Inventors: Silver; Eric H. (Needham, MA), Madden; Norman W. (Livermore, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013