Patent Number: 6,310,354

Title: Method and a device for monitoring nucleic acid amplification reactions

Abstract: A method for quantitatively measuring nucleic acid amplification reactions, especially the polymerase chain reaction, employing microparticles as hybridization solid phase, a probe sequence labeled with a fluorescent label and a fluorescence detection system which is based on two-photon fluorescence excitation, contacting all the amplification reaction components and the solid phase simultaneously in a closed cuvette, performing the amplification reactions in the same cuvette, focusing a two-photon exciting laser beam into the cuvette during the amplification cycles and measuring the fluorescence signal emitted by the microparticles from one particle at a time when they randomly float through the focal volume of the laser beam. The features of this invention allow a method and device for performing a fast quantitative nucleic acid amplification assay of single or multiple target sequences in a very small closed sample volume.

Inventors: Hanninen; Pekka (Turku, FI), Soini; Erkki (FIN-21610 Kirjala, FI)

Assignee: Soini; Erkki

International Classification: G01N 33/543 (20060101); G01N 33/557 (20060101); G01N 033/543 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018