Patent Number: 6,310,358

Title: X-ray imaging system

Abstract: The present disclosure presents an apparatus for radiation detectioncomprising a generally uniform dielectric layer, a conductive layerinterfacing a first surface of the generally uniform dielectric layer; anionizing radiation detection multi-layer structure including aphotoelectric conversion layer interfacing a second surface of thegenerally uniform dielectric layer; said ionizing radiation detectionmulti-layer structure, said generally uniform dielectric layer, and saidconductive layer being configured with respect to each other and beingoperative such that an imagewise ionizing radiation pattern impinging onsaid ionizing radiation detection multi-layer substrate causes acorresponding charge pattern representing said imagewise ionizingradiation to be generated at the interface between the generally uniformdielectric layer and the photoelectric conversion layer and causes areadable imagewise replica of said charge pattern to be formed in saidconductive layer.

Inventors: Zur; Albert (Ganei Tikya, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013