Patent Number: 6,310,368

Title: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same

Abstract: A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor layered structureincluding a predetermined mesa portion, formed on a semiconductorsubstrate; a support member formed so as to bury the mesa portion; and aninterconnection layer formed on a top surface of the semiconductor layeredstructure so as to extend over a top surface of the support member. Theinterconnection layer is in contact with only a top surface of the mesaportion without being in contact with a bottom surface of the mesaportion. The top surface of the support member has a smoothed profile, andthe top surface of the mesa portion and the smoothed top surface of thesupport member are in substantially the same plane.

Inventors: Yagura; Motoji (Nara-ken, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013