Patent Number: 6,310,376

Title: Semiconductor storage device capable of improving controllability ofdensity and size of floating gate

Abstract: There is provided is a semiconductor storage device that can reduce adispersion in characteristics such as a threshold voltage and a writingperformance and has a low consumption power and a non-volatility. Thereare included a source region 9 and a drain region 10 formed on a siliconsubstrate 1, a channel region 3a located between the source and drainregions 9 and 10, a gate electrode 8 that is formed above the channelregion 3a and controls a channel current flowing through the channelregion 3a, and a control gate insulating film 7, a floating gate 6 and atunnel insulating film 4 that are arranged in order from the gateelectrode 8 side between the channel region 3a and the gate electrode 8.The floating gate 6 is comprised of a plurality of crystal grains 6alinearly discretely arranged substantially parallel to the surface of thechannel region 3a.

Inventors: Ueda; Tohru (Fukuyama, JP), Nakamura; Kenta (Fukuyama, JP), Fukushima; Yasumori (Sakurai, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013