Patent Number: 6,310,406

Title: Magneto hydro dynamical tidal and ocean current converter

Abstract: A magneto hydrodynamic apparatus and method for generating electrical powercomprising: magnetic field generating elements (12, 13;22, 23; 31; 44; 54)for generating a magnetic field (B) within a flowing, conductive fluidlike sea water, which magnetic field generating elements have aconstruction enclosing a construction volume; electrode elements (11, 14,24; 21, 24, 25; 41; 54) to supply electrical power caused by said flowing,conductive fluid in the magnetic field, wherein the magnetic fieldgenerating elements are arranged to produce a substantial portion of thegenerated magnetic field outside the construction volume.

Inventors: Van Berkel; Jacob (Rhenen, NL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013