Patent Number: 6,310,451

Title: Movable barrier operator having force and position learning capability

Abstract: A movable barrier operator includes a wall control switch module having alearn switch thereon. The switch module is connectable to a control unitpositioned in a head of a garage movable barrier operator. The head unitalso contains an electric motor which is connected to a transmission foropening and closing a movable barrier such as a garage door. The switchmodule includes a plurality of switches coupled to capacitors which, whenclosed, have varying charge and discharge times to enable which switch hasbeen closed. The control unit includes an automatic force incrementingsystem for adjusting the maximal opening and closing force to be placedupon the movable barrier during a learn operation. Likewise, end of travellimits pan also be set during a learn operation upon installation of theunit. The movable barrier operator also includes an ambient temperaturesensor which is used to derive a motor temperature signal, which motortemperature signal is measured and is used to inhibit motor operation whenfurther motor operation exceeds or is about to exceed set pointtemperature limits.

Inventors: Fitzgibbon; James J. (Streamwood, IL), Moravec; John V. (Willow Springs, IL), Farris; Bradley (Chicago, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013