Patent Number: 6,310,471

Title: Card with magnetic stripe and method for testing magnetic inspectionparticle fluid

Abstract: A magnetic stripe card provides a quantitative tool for the measurement ofmagnetic sensitivity for fine-grained iron, iron oxide or otherferro-magnetic powders, that may be used for magnetic particle inspectionand other purposes. The magnetic stripe card is encoded to establishdistinct areas on the magnetic stripe. Each distinct area has a specificmagnetic gradient. Ferro-magnetic powders are attracted to the gradient inproportion to the value of the gradient. A higher gradient more stronglyattracts the powder. A determination of the sensitivity of the powder canbe ascertained by observing the gradient with the lowest value to whichthe powder is attracted.

Inventors: Chedister; William C. (Geneva, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013