Patent Number: 6,310,476

Title: Eddy current flaw detector

Abstract: This invention prevents the failure of detection for horizontal and oblique lift-offs in a probe for an eddy current flaw detection test. A plurality of probes are provided, and each probe includes four detection coils. Two adjacent eddy current flaw detecting probes commonly own (share) one of the four coils. The detection coils are connected to a bridge circuit for picking up a flaw signal. The detection coils are adjusted so that interlinkage magnetic fluxes generated inside the detection coils by the eddy current become equal. An excitation coil for inducing the eddy current in a test piece by AC driving can be disposed over the detection coils. The center of the excitation coil is positioned on the center axes of the detection coils. An oscillator for applying an AC current to this excitation coil is connected to the coil.

Inventors: Kawanami; Seiichi (Takasago, JP), Kurokawa; Masaaki (Takasago, JP), Kamimura; Takeo (Takasago, JP)

Assignee: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

International Classification: G01N 27/90 (20060101); G01N 027/82 (); G01R 033/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018