Patent Number: 6,310,480

Title: Flow-through probe for NMR spectrometers

Abstract: There is disclosed an NMR probe including a body defining an internalchamber. This chamber is adapted for supporting a vacuum and the body isof a non-magnetic material. A conduit extends through the chamber in thebody. The conduit has a first portion in communication with secondportions, the first portion being intermediate the second portions, withthe first and second portions of non-magnetic materials with substantiallyequal thermal expansion coefficients. An RF coil is positioned along atleast a substantial portion of the first conduit portion. It is preferredthat this device also include a field or frequency lock unit in thechamber, as well as a getter, to allow for degassing in the chamber tomaintain the preferred high pressure vacuum. A method of using this NMRprobe for NMR analysis is also disclosed.

Inventors: Cohen; Tal (Herzlia, IL), Levi; Naim (Ramat Hasharon, IL), Shur; Yair (Kirat Ata, IL), Rapoport; Uri (Moshav Ben Shemen, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013