Patent Number: 6,310,482

Title: Capacitance gauge tracking apparatus used for exposure system formanufacturing semiconductor device, method for the tracking surface ofsemiconductor device using the same, leveling apparatus including trackingapparatus, and leveling method

Abstract: A capacitance gauge tracking apparatus used for an exposure system formanufacturing a semiconductor device, a method for tracking a surface ofthe semiconductor device, a leveling apparatus and a leveling method areprovided. The capacitance gauge tracking apparatus includes a ground unit,a probe unit and a gauge unit. The ground unit is connected to asemiconductor substrate. The probe unit is spaced apart from the surfaceof the semiconductor substrate to be tracked and a constant current of atleast two frequency bands is applied to the probe unit. A constant currentof a low frequency is applied to the probe unit to thereby perform globalleveling by global tracking of the entire surface of the semiconductorsubstrate and a constant current of a high frequency is applied to theprobe unit to thereby perform local leveling by local tracking on thesemiconductor substrate.

Inventors: Hong; Jin-seog (Incheon, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013