Patent Number: 6,310,512

Title: Integrated self-adjustable continuous time band pass filter based upon Gmcell with bipolar transistors

Abstract: An improved integrated self-adjustable continuous time band pass filterbased upon a G.sub.m cell with G.sub.m compensation and bipolartransistors for use in a low power processing system for processingbursted amplitude modulated signals performing impedance-relatedmeasurements across a load. The system may be used for estimating strokevolume using the output and/or estimating hemodynamic maximum sensor rateusing the output. The improved G.sub.m cell provides for stabilization ofthe transconductance by compensating for manufacturing process variationof the value of the linearizing resistance R.sub.G by varying thetransconductance bias current using a feedback signal proportional to theresistance of a resistor which is a replicate of the linearizing resistor.

Inventors: Briskin; Boris (Vadnais Heights, MN), Linder; William J. (Golden Valley, MN)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013