Patent Number: 6,310,526

Title: Double-throw miniature electromagnetic microwave (MEM) switches

Abstract: Miniature double-throw microwave switches are disclosed in this invention. In one embodiment a miniature double-throw electromagnetic switch for microstrip transmission lines is provided. A cantilever, which forms a part of an input transmission line, with a permanent magnetic film can be pulled down or pushed up by an applied magnetic field to make electrical contact with either one of two output transmission lines. The applied magnetic field is generated by applying a positive or negative current to a miniature electromagnetic coil mounted under the cantilevers. In another embodiment, a miniature double-throw microwave switch with two cantilevers attached to the input transmission line is disclosed for microstrip transmission lines. The magnetic polarizations of the permanent magnetic films on the two cantilevers are controlled in such a way that when a magnetic field is applied, one cantilever will be pulled downward to make electrical contact to a first output transmission line. When a reverse magnetic field is applied, the second cantilever will be pulled downward to make electrical contact to a second output transmission line. Yet another embodiment of this invention is a multilayer thin film electromagnetic coil where the magnetic fields induced in all layers of the coils aligned in the same direction to form a strong magnetic field with reduced power consumption.

Inventors: Yip; Lap-Sum (Hampstead Quebec, CA), Qiu; Cindy Xing (Brossard Quebec, CA), Shih; Yi-Chi (Palos Verdes Estate, CA)


International Classification: H01H 50/00 (20060101); H01H 057/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018