Patent Number: 6,310,537

Title: System with optical or radio remote control for closing motor vehicles

Abstract: The broadcast code (I) is received by the receiver (E) fitted in the motorvehicle, which receiver (E) controls the relevant lock or the relevantlocks--after a comparison of the received code (I) with digits stored inthe receiver (E) and correlating with the code (I) or with the series ofcodes (I). The code (I) is initialized as a permanent code orinterchangeable code at least on the occasions when the motor vehicle isfirst used and, possibly when changes are later made to the code (I), isreinitialized. For (re)initialization, the receiver (E) must first beswitched by a signal to its (re)initialization readiness, before thereceiver (E) can be (re)initialized. The motor vehicle has a diagnosticinterface (D) for the electrical testing of motor vehicle units. Thereceiver (E) is only switched to its (re)initialization readiness by asignal fed to it (E) via the diagnostic interface (D).

Inventors: Bachhuber; Anton (Langquaid, DE), Kern; Maximilian (Freiherr-v.-Stein-Strasse, DE), Schneider; Christian (Regensburg, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013