Patent Number: 6,310,543

Title: Emergency call system

Abstract: An emergency call system disposed in a vehicle for sending data such as onthe present location of the vehicle as well as a registered details of thevehicle to an emergency call system-governing center such as a policestation and an emergency call center in case of emergency such as atraffic accident or sudden illness, the improvement wherein emergency callsystem terminal equipment is controllable from the outside thereof. Theemergency call system according to the present invention includes anemergency call communication means for telephoning the emergency callsystem-governing center via a telecommunication enterpriser's basestation, a control section for sending data such as on a vehicle'stravelling or heading direction as well as a vehicle's location to theemergency call system-governing center, and a connection interface forcausing one interface signal from the emergency call communication meansand another from the control section to be sent out to the outside of theemergency call system terminal equipment, thereby permitting theseinterface signals to interface with the respective external connectionequipment.

Inventors: Yoshioka; Kenji (Yokohama, JP), Nakama; Yasutoshi (Ikoma, JP), Yamamoto; Masashi (Sagamihara, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013