Patent Number: 6,310,549

Title: Wireless security system

Abstract: The present invention is a wireless security system. Each alarm sensorcontains three magnetoresistive sensors and that are capable of detectingthe three-dimensional vector of a magnetic field. Preferably, the sensorsdetect the orientation of the door or window based upon the earth'smagnetic pole. The three-dimensional vector output of the magnetoresistivesensors is received by a microprocessor on-board the alarm sensor. Themicroprocessor continuously compares the magnetoresistive sensors outputwith the maximum allowable position of the door or window. If themagnetoresistive sensors output exceeds the maximum allowable position,the microprocessor will signal an alarm, which is transmitted to thenetwork controller via a transmitter on-board the alarm sensor. If anintruder attempts to disable or override a sensor, the alarm sensor willtransmit a tamper signal to the network controller.

Inventors: Loftin; Jon (Arden, NC), Crane; Richard (Asheville, NC), Crane; Jerry (Anderson, SC)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013